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        Where to buy

        Phonic products are sold through distributors and dealers in over 100 countries around the world. To locate a distributor in your area, please enter your country in the search bar below.

        ATTENTION RESELLERS: If you are an Authorized Phonic Reseller and are not included in this locator, email us the following information and we'll update our database. Please include: The name of your business, your account number, telephone number, email address and business address. Send to: webmaster@phonic.com

        WANT TO SELL PHONIC? To become a Phonic dealer in your country, please contact an authorized distributor in your country. To become an exclusive Phonic distributor, please email your company profile to sales@phonic.com

        General Contact
        Phonic Corporation (Asia Headquarters)
        9F, 61 Tung Hsing Rd
        Taipei, Taiwan 110