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        Phonic recruiting for marketing planning specialist

        by Steven Cheng

        Work content
        1. Plan network marketing strategies and marketing plans, implement and regularly update, maintain and manage.
        2. Familiar with the management, management, analysis, planning and execution of major social network websites, brand promotion and image planning.
        3. Good at using pictures, smooth writing, strong communication skills, familiar with online marketing tools.
        4. Those who have the ability to plan for online marketing activities.
        5. Keyword operation, web traffic and online marketing activity tracking and analysis and evaluation.
        6. Those who are highly interested in consumer electronics/professional audio products can expand their markets through online marketing.
        7. Assist in product image photography.
        8. Familiar with HTML / DHTML / CSS.

        Working ability:
        Marketing production planning and execution, brand marketing management, proposal and briefing skills, website planning capabilities, online event planning and execution, advertising production planning and execution, marketing strategy development, brand awareness promotion, social media management, website traffic effectiveness track.

        Management responsibility: no need to bear management responsibility.
        Travel assignment: no travel assignment.
        Working hours: day shift, working hours: 09:00 / off work hours: 18:00
        Work week: 2 day weekend.
        Available for work: no limit.
        Number of people required: 1 person.

        Conditional requirements:
        Accepting status: fresh graduates, studying at night.
        Work experience: no restrictions.
        Education requirements: specialist, university, master.
        Department requirements: music, art and craft related, art business design related.

        Language conditions:
        ? English - Proficient.
        ? Good at tools: Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, AutoCAD.



        1. 規劃網路行銷策略及行銷計畫,執行並定期更新、維護及管理
        2. 熟悉各大社群網站平台經營、管理、分析、規劃與執行、品牌宣傳與形象規劃
        3. 善於用圖片、文筆流暢、溝通力強,熟悉網路行銷工具應用。
        4. 具有網路行銷活動規劃能力者
        5. 關鍵字操作, 網頁流量及網路行銷活動成效追蹤及分析評估。
        6. 對消費性電子/專業音響商品有高度興趣者,能透過網路行銷拓展市場。
        7. 協助商品形象攝影
        8. 熟悉HTML/DHTML/CSS


        上班時段:日班,上班時段:09:00/下班時段: 18:00
        需求人數:1 人

        科系要求:音樂, 美術工藝相關、藝術商業設計相關

        ?英文 --精通
        ?擅長工具:Adobe Photoshop、CorelDraw、Illustrator、AutoCAD

        Phonic announces more environmentally-friendly user manuals

        by Steven Cheng

        Phonic Corporation today announces plans to implement a new, environmentally-friendly system of providing instruction and literature to customers. Starting this month, select Phonic products will be shipped with new "Easy Manuals" – condensed manuals that provide vital instructions on operation. Comprehensive user manuals are still available in digital format through links provided on the Easy Manuals.

        "For at least 2 decades, Phonic have been providing full user's manuals in each and every product," says Phonic Product Specialist, Grant Murray, "offering anything between 16 and 60 pages. When you stop and consider there were front and rear covers, index pages, blank pages, and much inconsequential data, the actual manual probably only consisted of 3 pages worth of information." He concludes, "The most important instructions have now been condensed and refined into simple, environmentally friendly guides."

        Phonic's marketing team have calculated that, on average, the Easy Manuals use around 90% less paper than the traditional manuals. While majority of user manuals were printed on 100% renewable material, the Easy Manuals still help with environmental conservation two-fold: by reducing the amount of non-recycled paper waste while simultaneously using less resources for production.

        "While we're determined to use less – and more environmentally sound – resources, this isn't a sign we're skimping on manuals," says Grant Murray. "Our Easy Manuals will now be printed in full color, with more succinct information to allow customers to immediately get started with the product."

        Easy Manuals will be phased into Phonic productions from this month. All current manual stock will be exhausted before the Easy Manuals are implemented. Phonic would like to remind customers that the full, exhaustive manuals are still available at all times through the Phonic website. Stay tuned to www.steyyz.icu for updates.

        PAA6 updated! New firmware, new feature

        by Steven Cheng

        Phonic Corporation today announces a long-awaited upgrade to the PAA6 personal audio analyzer. Offering increase stability and usability, but also a brand new feature, the PAA6 firmware can be downloaded right now directly from the Phonic website.

        This new firmware update has been in the pipe-line for quite some time, and now – with the imminent release of the new PAA3X and other hush-hush analyzer projects in the works – just seemed like the right time to unleash it.

        "It's easy to lose sight of just how much of an impact the Phonic PAA series had on the world," said Phonic Product Marketing Specialist, Grant Murray. "These products changed the way engineers do their jobs by providing an easy, portable way to take measurements while walking around." He added, "There's no complicated setup or messing around with menus; they're small, portable and powerful."

        As of this moment, the PAA6 has the ability to capture the screen and save this as a BMP image file on your SD card. This can be later transferred to your computer or recalled on the PAA6 itself. The capture function is accomplished by simply clicking the new "camera" icon at the top of the screen. In addition to this, users can tap the PAA6's power button at any time to capture the screen.

        A firmware update is, of course, required to use this new function. The firmware update is incredibly simple: Place the update file on a formatted SD-HC card and insert the card into the PAA6. Find the Update function within the Setup menu and presto. Phonic recommends connecting the PAA6 to the power adapter when installing the firmware.

        Stay tuned for much more news on Phonic's series of professional audio analyzers in the coming months! For up-to-the-minute updates on this and many other great Phonic products, keep an eye on www.steyyz.icu or like us on facebook.

        Download Firmware

        Download Software

        Phonic Unleashes Celeus Multimedia Mixers

        by Steven Cheng

        Phonic today announces the release of the Celeus series of analog mixers. These multimedia-ready mixers are not only the culmination of years of experience in designing and manufacturing mixers but add more than a few modern refinements.

        Reimagining the Phonic line of analog mixers was no easy feat. "We had to come up with an original angle," says Phonic Product Marketing Specialist, Grant Murray. "The new design incorporates slick curves and a color scheme that screams 'Phonic.' But appearance aside, the new features incorporated into the mixers make them invaluable to any live setup."

        Celeus 100, Celeus 200 and Celeus 400 mixers were re-designed from top to bottom. The all-new molded enclosure is matched with stylish new pots and color scheme. Phonic engineers also incorporated 41-segment level meters and 7-band graphic equalizers to further enhance the already feature-heavy series.

        Larger-scale Celeus models – the Celeus 600, Celeus 800 and Celeus 1000 – all feature Phonic's new smartphone/tablet stand, allowing such devices to sit comfortably at the head of the mixer to ensure quick and immediate access to multi-media content.

        Finally, all Celeus models feature Bluetooth connectivity and USB recording and playback for easy integration of digital media. "There are so many ways to access our multimedia now," Grant Murray comments, "So offering the two most commonly used multimedia interfaces was a no-brainer." He finishes, "The Celeus series is all about integrating your live music and multimedia experiences."

        Celeus Multimedia Mixers will be available as of next month. Check your local Phonic dealer for more information. Like us on facebook for up-to-the-minute updates on this and many other Phonic products.